Shaquille O’Neal, 7’1” (2m16): “I have got a lot of things done custom for me in my career, but nothing quite like that. I feel like a kid again! I’d like to order another one like that for my other house.”

Mark Eaton, 7’4” (2m25): “I haven’t had a bike that fit me since I was 8 years old! Too much fun.”

Marc R., 6’9” (2m05): “I’m loving the bike. The ride quality is unprecedented. Seamless, fluid, dare I say graceful for such a big guy. Totally comfortable and exhilarating. I can’t believe I’ve been missing what riding is all about for so many years. Great job!”

Matt V., 7’1” (2m16): “I have the AllRoad DirtySixer #7 (size L). It is night and day compared to my old 700c wheeled scaffolding project… I mean bicycle. The DirtySixer is so much more balanced and natural. At first it feels weird to be riding something that big, then it starts to feel right. It is certainly not a bike for weight weenies but that pays off in durability and safety. I could not be any happier with the bike. Thanks DirtySixer for making 36″ bikes available to the people with their heads in the clouds.”

Ben W., 6’6” (1m98): “I have immensely enjoyed using the DirtySixer I received from the original KickStarter campaign. After twenty odd years of not riding because of how precarious I felt trying to ride a standard bike, the joy of cycling has been re-ignited in me.”

Mark N., 7’ (2m13): “The bike is fantastic and I am loving it! Thank you for your dedication, hard work and blood, sweat and I am sure tears. I’m loving my bike and finally get to ride more often, now with a trailer for the kids attached to it!”

Cliff T., 6’10” (2m08): “I just picked up my bike from our local bike shop. It’s really quite cool. Great finish as well. It’s only 12° outside so I only rode it a limited amount but it really does fit me and make me feel almost normal. Thanks for your efforts. Come spring I will be on it quite a bit. It is sure to grab some attention.”

Mark S., 6’7” (2m01): “I have never felt more comfortable on bicycle in my life. I was never that good on my other 29er mountain bikes. The 36 seems like a unfair advantage. The wheel simply roll over everything and my weight is distributed evenly over the bike. The DirtySixer takes you to places I did not go before. It is unstoppable. My buddies can’t keep up with me now! I am totally satisfied with the performance and handling of the bike. And if you’re looking for an eye-catcher there is no match for the DirtySixer. I rode my (name removed) mountain bike in the woods yesterday and I’m putting it for sale.”

Tim Y., 7’ (2m13): “The DirtySixer bike is fantastic! I am surprised by how nimble and smooth it feels. “

Angus McC., 6’10” (2m08): “The biggest hassle with the bike is strangers in cars chasing me down to take pictures and try it out. That, and this urge I have to cycle even when I only need to go half way around the block. It’s a great bike. Thanks.”

Matt F., 6’6” (1m98): “I have really enjoyed my DirtySixer. It is a very comfortable bike for my urban riding (with occasional excursions on trails in Golden Gate Park). The Rohloff hub is really great, shifting up or down is very smooth and natural. The stopping power of the brakes is greatly appreciated on the steep downhill streets of SF. The longer cranks really allow me to use more of my leg, and I feel that I’m getting in better riding shape that way.”

Kyle McK., 6’9” (2m05): “Got my bike together last Wednesday and took a very short ride yesterday. You obviously knew how to apply the measurements provided as I was amazed at how well the set-up right out of the box fit me. Thank you for your attention to detail.”

Jon T., 6’6” (1m98): “What a great ride though!  Its neat that the brakes are so great but I barely use them anymore! It takes a lot of energy to move but my ergonomics are so much better that I have a lot more energy to give! Thanks for suggesting the Rohloff. I love how quiet it is.”

Marty K., 6’10” (2m08): “My God, that bike is enormous. Very well constructed. It’s heavier than I anticipated but I don’t care. I know it’ll take all the punishment I throw at it. First off, I have never been happier with a bike. It is huge. It is solid. My arms feel like they are straight out in front of me instead of pointing straight down. I fit on my DirtySixer the way I fit on my bike when I was 8 years old. So much fun to ride!”

Winston J. F. 7’ (2m13): “Love this bike, it is a work of art. I feel like a kid when I ride! I ride no hands! Oh man. I hardly know what to do with those hands! That must have been 20 years ago, I hurt myself because I was too big for the bike. Now the DirtySixer rides like it is supposed to, even if I’m 375lbs and 7-f tall! Out being a big kid!”