Why we built the DirtySixer

David Folch (6'6") started DirtySixer after a bike accident. He was riding a bike that was just not fitted for tall people. You can't change the geometry of bike for tall people without touching the wheels. The 36"wheel bike was born. Today, hundred of people ride his bikes. Mostly NBA players and retired players.

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“I have got a lot of things done custom for me in my career, but nothing quite like that. I feel like a kid again! I’d like to order another one like that for my other house.”

Shaquille O’Neal, 7’1” (2m16)

"I could tell this bike was built for me. I am usually hunched over riding other bikes but riding the DirtySixer, the position felt amazingly comfortable."

Mathew Pribish - 6’6”

"The DirtySixer is the only bike for tall people like myself! I had such a smooth ride, riding  through PIER 2 in Brooklyn! I will never forget!"

Curtis Jonhson, 7’3”